Ronja vom Kraftwerk

Ronja vom Kraftwerk


Gender: Female

D.O.B. 6/17/19

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Father: SG-Acer the Boom vom Kraftwerk AD,BH,IPO1,IPO2,IPO3,KKL

Mother: Fiby vom Weltzbachal AD,BH,IPO1,KKL

Beautiful dark sable with powerful head and strong bones. Steady temperament with sound and sure nerve base. Photo taken August 13th. This combination offers East German bloodlines along with top performance West German lines. Known for producing excellent pigment, strong bones along with larger size. Solid nerve base along with high capacity to handle stress. Unshakable in any situation. This breeding brings all the conformation qualities of the east german lines as well as lively play drive and pronounced work ethics of the west german working lines. For quickest reservation please complete the online purchase agreement or call/text 360-623-0898 for more information.